Branding for a local H.R. consulting business in Victoria, BC.

My client approached me and said she was starting her own HR & Workplace Wellness Consulting business.

She wanted help establishing her brand but was split between wanting the brand to have an organic, earthy feel suggesting that we are all connected, or having more of a “working together” theme that projects strength and safety.


  • Logo Design/Branding
  • Business Cards
  • Brochure, letterhead, and other future stationary

1. The Logo

Since my client was split on the two directions she wanted to take, I created a number of thumbnails that spanned both categories, then polished a few of the best examples to present to the client to get some input on how she was feeling. She had requested the use of either greens and browns or blues and greens.

Plan It HR Logo Options
A few of the logo options

Once she saw the designs it was easy for her to decide that the “working together” theme was the direction she wanted to take. So we ended up going with the logo that was an abstract representation of two people about to shake hands. This meant we were going with the branding theme of strength and safety – people would be coming to her to help with wellness solutions so projecting those themes was important. She wanted her clients to know they would be able to protect their workers by working with her.

2. Mood board & style guide

Once we had established the feel we wanted to have, we had to develop a look to match it. From here we created a mood board and style guide that encapsulated the essence of the brand, lots of imagery showing people working together or solving problems.

Clean, modern fonts were chosen to reinforce the feelings we were going for. We also went with darker shades of blue and green to reflect the security of working with professional workplace wellness consultants.

Plan It HR Style Guide
Use of darker blues and greens to signify strength and trustworthiness.
Plan It HR Facebook Launch Post

4. Utilizing the style guide

Since we had the branding nailed down we were able to move on to other assets. My client needed a set of business cards, a brochure, letterhead, and a couple various social media assets.

Wrapping up

This was a great opportunity to work with a local startup to help them establish their brand identity. Working with a client from ideation straight through to finished products is a rewarding experience. Being able to bring life into a brand is something I strive for with all my clients.